In League of Angel’s Wyrm Race mode, you race a dragon across a dangerous valley, carrying a large chest of gold. Be careful, while you are racing, anybody in the game can attack you and steal gold. Any remaining gold at the end of the race is yours to keep!    

How to Play Wyrm RaceEdit


The Wyrm Race

1.    Click the Wyrm Race icon on the top of the screen.

2.    Select a Dragon, different dragons reward you with different amounts of gold.

3.    Make it across the canyon, preferably untouched.

4.    Each time another player successfully attacks you, you lose a set amount of gold.

5.    In addition to racing across the canyon, you can attack other players up to 10 times a day, and steal their gold as well.

6. The dragons on the right are better than those on the left and give more gold.

7. The player is guaranteed to get more gold from better dragons.

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