Mounts are a very important part of League of Angels, not only do they look nice and make you walk faster, they provide much needed stat buffs and skills in the heat of battle!

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1.    You get your first mount at Lvl. 21.

2.    Mounts grant your main character and party with special stat boosts and skills.

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1.    If you wish to upgrade your mount, simply click the Mount button at the bottom of the screen.

2.    Once you are inside the mount menu, you can upgrade your mount by clicking the Train button.

3.    Each time you click the Train button, you will exchange a set amount of Soulstones for EXP.

4.    When you get enough EXP, you will light a star. When you light all the stars, you will gain a training level, when you light all the starts, you will raise your training class.

5.    You can also use the 1-Click button to instantly gain a level, if you have enough Soulstones.

6.    The Mount EXP Potions received from Garden and purchased from the arena shop can also be used in the Mount menu. Simply click on the potion to select the one you want to feed, then click "Feed".





Glamor can be unlocked for mounts; they can be acquired from various events and the Diamond shop. Glamor gives mounts a unique look as well as stat boosts.



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