Two Player Characters may elect to get married. They can do this if their Intimacy level is high enough.


  • Both parties need to be single. You can use a Sex Change Card to change your character’s gender.
  • It must be a heterosexual marriage.
    • Attempts as same-gender proposals receive the message "Regrettably, same sex proposals are not yet permitted in this realm".
  • Both parties need to reach at least Level 40.
  • Both parties need to be online.
  • Both parties need to be on each other’s Friend list.
  • There much be at least 1999 Intimacy points
    • This is a shared statistic
  • At least one of the parties needs to have a set of Wedding Rings in their Inventory.


  1. Go to the Character menu and click on the Marriage icon to open the Proposal menu.
    • You can propose once every 30 minutes.
    • You can spend Diamonds to announce your proposal server-wide.
  2. Once the other Player accepts the Proposal, a Wedding Ring will be sent to them and the two will become Husband' and Wife.

Wedding PartyEdit

Must take place between 10 am and 11 pm server time.
The 2 players need to be Husband and Wife.
Each Couple can hold one Wedding Party each day.
A Player Character can attend 3 Wedding Parties each day.
  • There are 3 types of Wedding Parties, each with different after-wedding gift Chests.
  1. Common
  2. Romantic
  3. Fantasy
  • Romantic Chests and Fantasy Chests have a chance to give Wedding Garb materials.
  • Players cannot attend the wedding party of someone who has Blocked blocked them.
  • You can only attend one party at a time. If you leave the party before it ends, you cannot join any other ongoing parties.

Wedding RulesEdit

  • A Wedding Party lasts 20 minutes.
  • If the wedding party reaches high enough Passion, the Husband and Wife will each get special Flairs.
  • At the wedding party, the bride and groom can gift Confetti to the guests to increase Passion and earn Host Chests.
  • Guests can give their blessings to the couple to increase Passion. Each player can give blessings once per party for free.
  • Guests can set Fireworks to increase Passion and earn Fireworks Gift Packs.
  • Confetti and Fireworks may both be used 50 times at one wedding party.
  • After the party, the hosts and guests will get Common, Romantic, or Fantasy Chests according to the party type. Extra Passion Chests will be delivered if the party had enough Passion.


Couples may dissolve their marriage by means of Divorce. When they do so:

  • The wedding ring will disappear.
  • You can divorce unilaterally if your spouse has not logged in for 10 days or by spending some Diamonds. Otherwise, you must mutually split.
    • Mutual Split - If your spouse agrees, you can divorce.
    • Forced Divorce - No need for approval.
    • Lost Spouse - If your spouse has been offline for 10 days, you can divorce unilaterally.