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Gemology Zodiac Erebus Wyrm Race
Garden Aegis Clash of Might Cross-Server War
Clothing Arena Tidal Pool Hero Recruitment
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The Angels

Boadicea Glacia Loralei Prospera Claudia Nyssa Angelina Sunniva Fortuna Serrin Pandora Hemera Bacchus
Marina Lunaria Nocturna Sylvia Aoede Styx Vienna Mikaela Amora Grace Seraphim Eostre Athena
Victoriana Kay Noelle Ysera Demeter Polly Varda Zveda Themis Isolde Aphrodite Raphael Alecta
Frigg Elena Theia

The Heroes

Astral Child Green Ranger Pyrona Zweihander
Mermaid Nightblade Rose Knight Grimbow
Shadowraith Blood Baroness Blue Witch Byron the Black
Nether Knight Atlanta Night Sentinel Djinni
Demon Huntress Guardian Exorcist Celestial Maiden
King o' Bones Beserker Claw Blazing Phantom Nereida
Dark Paladin Valkyrie Astral Hunter Arcane Spirit
Headless Horseman Yasi Delaney Panda Nicky Enoch Bloodsucker
Lunar Priestess Amazon Hawker Mountain God Dragon Whisperer
Divine Angel Poseidon Dragon Empress Santa Bounty Hunter Snow Warden
Hecate Earthshaker Light Envoy Snow Queen
Silver Dragon Lord Valentina Cedric Flaming Warlord Blade Dancer Miya Hoarfrost Blade

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