Intimacy is a statistic shared between any given two Player Characters. it grows of wanes by various interactions between them.

If there is no interaction or friendship, Intimacy will be Zero.

Intimacy *begins* by being on each other's Friends List. Should one be dropped from a Player's list of friends, the interaction ends. As each action of Intimacy occurs, it will be briefly emblazoned across the screens of both. There is the potential for 200 Intimacy points which can be gained between each pair of players.

Once 1999 Intimacy is reached, a Player may propose marriage to another.

Things which affect Intimacy are:
In the Gardens

  • Blessing the World Tree in another's garden: +20, once per day.
  • Spraying pesticide to rid plants of bugs: +3, 10 times with return bonuses, unlimited thereafter with nothing more than your friend's gratitude.
  • Stealing from another's garden: -2, each time.

Engaging in select Events together

Other actions:

  • Performing a mock battle: +1, each time, but there are only 20 free Compares total per day.

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