The League of Angels Benefit System allows Players to save Diamonds over time. Players will be able to buy 3 or 10 day subscriptions to get bonuses everyday in various systems: Angel Bonding, Alchemy, Gemology, Tidal Pool, Wyrm Race, Arena, Clash of Might, and Gardens.

Specific BenefitsEdit

  • Angel Bonding: 2 extra daily bondings
  • Alchemy: 4 extra daily attempts
  • Gemology: 10 extra daily energy
  • Tidal Pool: 1 daily common bait
  • Wyrm Race: 3 extra daily refresh attempts
  • Arena: 2 extra daily attempts
  • Clash of Might: 2 extra daily attempts
  • Garden: 20% increased soil productivity

Each of these will have a Crown Icon generally placed in the upper right of their panes.